Melbury Guesthouse

Whether you are going on a family vacation or have a company meeting, hotels are a very popular option to stay in. However, many people prefer staying in a guest house instead of an expensive and posh hotel. But how did guest houses get to become so popular? The following are some of the major reasons:

Homey Ambiance

When most people hear “visitor lodge” mentioned, they think of substandard facilities, worn out bed sheets and dirty rooms. If you are thinking the same thing, then you are still living in the past. These days, guest houses are very comfortable, attractive and stylish. The lodges feature clean rooms, without a lot of extra items around or clutter. They offer a warm, homey feeling – which is something you really need and can appreciate while you are on your vacation.

Outstanding Customer Service

Guest lodges tended to be small in the past, and were owned by mostly middle-class individuals. Today, however, they are also owned by company individuals and business owners. Guest house proprietors also usually fit in well with humble backgrounds, and understand what their clients needs are. They basically take all of the steps that are necessary to ensure their clients feel comfortable, easy and relaxed. This type of close personal relationship offers a very homelike ambiance – which for almost all holiday enthusiasts is a top priority.

We Love Weddings

If you’re getting married, you should think of using our facilities. We are a favorite wedding location for West Palm Beach wedding photographer Ryan Merrill and his team.

Finest Food

Many guest lodges have cooking areas that are available for clients to use as they please. Usually these kinds of facilities are not available in five-star hotels. In addition to saving you a lot of money, it is also nice to be able to eat whenever and whatever you want, even when you are overseas.

In order to select the ideal guest house to meet your requirements, it is very important to to be clear from the beginning what you really need, to ensure in advance that you won’t be disappointed. The more you are able to narrow down the reality and your expectations, the more likely you will have a positive experience at the bed and breakfast that you choose.

When you are selecting a guest house it is also a good idea to take things like location into consideration. Where do you want it to be? Do you need to it to be close to downtown? Do you want a spot that is secluded and quiet? Also check out the innkeeper, along with their sales brochure or website. After you have decided on a place, then it is much easier to determine whether you will need a vehicle or not, or can use public transit. If you will need a vehicle, you will want to ensure that there is convenient and sufficient parking. Free parking is offered by most guest houses.

Although spontaneity is a very good thing, when it comes to locating a guest house, usually it is best to make a reservation in advance. Many people think that guests houses are not as busy as hotels are and that they can just show up and be able to rent one. However, that is often not true, particularly when the tourist season is at its height or when a major event is taking place such as a large convention.

A guest home can be a great place to stay, particularly if you renting a hotel room does not appeal to you.

We want our guest to feel the Homey Ambience in our guest house. Click this link to read more about Travel Tips take some of these simple precautions with a little effort to make your trip enjoyable.